achieving the highest STANDARD

A process towards quality perfections

Strict process and quality control at Dwi Selo Girimas is critical for us to consistently achieve the highest standards across our Calcium Carbonate products. QC is applied at every stage within our processing operations throughout raw calcium material sourcing and selection, calcium screening and testing on the laboratory, product packing and delivery.

Our Quality Control system is integrated and handed over per division carefully so that we can offer full integrity and traceability for all our calcium carbonate products. This quality assurance model that we’ve developed, will inspects and verifies all our products, making sure that all our processes are free from defects and flaws, attaining the highest level of calcium carbonate you demand.

our quality

We are committed to bring the best Calcium Carbonate

As we know that calcium carbonate plays an important role to our customers as one of the main / core material for their production, when a calcium carbonate fails to meet the desired quality this will affect our customer’s production and end products, such as a bad fuel will destroy a vehicle that run it.

There are no secrets behind every Calcium Carbonate products that we produce. It’s just a result of getting the best raw materials and putting a strict quality policy on each step of our product processing till the very end.

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