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We make calcium carbonate that you can rely and you can count on. Without you even realizing it, we make your operation run smooth and put your product at a high quality stage. It’s our legacy of over decades since 1988, built and nurtured on the solid foundation of doing business with ethics and values of partnership.

Calcium Carbonate that we manufacture...

We take pride in providing high quality calcium carbonate products to our market in Surabaya, Jakarta and throuhout Indonesia. We will meet your specification and we will ensure a steady production flow by maintaining our stock priority for your long-term order suply.

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About Us

We make products that is essential for your factory to run smooth. We bring benefits in more ways without you even realizing it.

Process & Quality

Our strict quality control is integrated and we offer full integrity and traceability for all our products.


Join us and become part of a growing national company with a culture that allows you to bring out the best in you.

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